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HELLO HUMANS, have any of you read Tame? It’s a lesbian romcom with WEREWOLVES

Can’t write book reviews for shit, but did it anyway…


I got thrown around fairly enthusiastically early this week, and it was great, but I need to get used to my damn corset so I am properly prepared for the fighting in clubs event, and it would probably be a good idea to at least go to the gym for a bit. I have climbing on Tuesday, hopefully, so if I go today then I can have tomorrow as a rest day before Krav, then climbing, then wrestling… I think I might have to take it down to one Krav session a week for a while. Which would mean I could wrestle on Friday… Too many things!


How am I not single

So not only did I make the Dweller read Pacific Swim, but then I waved a Nanoblock turtle head at him while squeaking about nanokaiju. Perhaps I am not single because it was _him_ who started pretending to drift with it, before we put it between our heads pretending to be science bros.



I decided I wanted my own prop knives for Krav Maga, and Hello Kitty stickers to mark them as mine. Imagine my literal shriek of joy when I found official Hello Kitty Duck Tape. Now I just need to print out all the notes for P1 tomorrow, and go through a couple of my Krav books so they will be easier to practice, and oh, get the glitteriest pinkest bag I can find to keep them all in :D

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(actually, I think I have some bruises coming up on my arms from wrestling and being grabbed by someone twice my weight, but they’re only little. I am terribly nostalgic for the bruises I got on Krav Island).
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Pretty pissed off with the Dweller- I came round, I brought tobacco, and when he asked why in a particularly grumpy tone, got snappy. Hmm. I think I am going to take half the food I bought and go home to watch something awful.

I am not updating here much because my username on OKC is a bit too similar, and I do not relish the idea of people I meet or message there reading some of the things I might have to say about them. Also, not much of interest is happening, at least for public consumption.

Also, Hermes. At least now I know what happened to my Attenborough books and copy of Pacific Rim ¬_¬



Stuff has continued to be weird and hand-wavey and annoying, and it all came to a head a few weeks ago. But now things are better, and I can flirt with people again and watch porn without getting miserable, and I am going to keep things this way if if kills me, never mind anyone else :)



I was feeling a bit depressed before going out- after coffee with Spiritual Morningsider, I feel painfully gloomy. Not his fault at all, but I ended up bending his ear about Stuff, and TMI, and why I am currently so obsessed with hitting things. Poor bugger.

Alas, I don’t have my Krav gear with me tonight and I’d rather go to the gym where it doesn’t matter so much if I become convinced that everyone hates me. So I’m going to load up my MP3 player and head out fairly soon, then tomorrow I’m going to make my less than glorious return to Crosscombat.